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Dr. Street and his team are committed to a conservative approach to dentistry with an emphasis on prevention, and to restore, enhance, and maintain natural tooth structure and function. Honest treatment diagnosis is a trademark of Dr. Street.  Our office strives to provide the highest quality of care to all patients.  

Our patients can expect relationships built on mutual trust, excellent customer service, and the best personalized care in Lubbock.  Our office provides patients with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere and we pride ourselves on making your dental visit a pleasant experience.



  • Do I really need X-Rays once a year?

    Yes, having X-rays taken once a year can prevent small cavities from turning into a larger problem. X-rays show cavities between the teeth that can not be seen just by looking in the mouth.

  • How often should I have my teeth cleaned in a dental office?

    It’s recommended to have your teeth cleaned once every 6 months, unless advised otherwise by your Dentist and/or Hygienist.

  • Why is my tooth sensitive?

    Sensitivity in teeth can be caused by many things, including cavities, fractured teeth, worn fillings, brushing too hard, bleaching your teeth and even gum disease. If you wince during eating or drinking, call our office today.

  • If I place an Aspirin placed next to a tooth will it help a toothache?

    No; by placing an aspirin next to a tooth that is giving you discomfort, it can cause a sore on the gums as the medication can burn the gum tissue. It is better to take an over the counter pain medication and contact your Dentist.

  • What can I do to replace a missing tooth/teeth?

    There are several options to replace a missing tooth/teeth: implant, bridge, or partial denture. An oral exam could determine which option is best for each individual person.